"Simply Spring" Birthday Collection

"Simply Spring" Birthday Collection

After a long winter, spring is finally here full of colors! Nature awakens to life, colorful flowers grow from the ground, we all spend more and more time outside, and for many it is a period full of new energy and personal flourishing. That’s exactly what our latest birthday mini collection of Seamless Skin 2.0 leggings is called Simply Spring!

Will you reach for colors that symbolize the transitional period of spring - Storm Gray & Marina Blue or brighten up your wardrobe with Candy & Watermellon colors? The collection is made for all active women who want to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in their clothes. This is the optimal condition to perform at your best! It’s your TIMME to bloom!

The spring edition of the leggings “Simply Spring” in beautiful melange colors is made of a very pleasant seamless knit that feels like a second skin on the body. The minimalist design of the leggings is complemented by special “push-up” weaving on the bottom, which shapes it to perfection! In the middle of the waist on the back of the leggings is a woven TIMME logo. A big advantage of a logo already woven during fabric production is its permanence. The logo will never change its shape or its quality and will decorate your leggings forever.

Thanks to the 4-Way Stretch technology, the leggings are elastic on all four sides, perfectly adapt to the figure and give you maximum mobility during training. The production of seamless products has a smaller impact on the global environment by minimizing the amount of material residues and thereby reducing the need for material consumption.

Grey Leggings TIMME


“Squat-proof” leggings in the translation of “squat resistant” leggings. The leggings do not slip and do not show through. The key is color and material that is durable and thick enough not to show through, but light and flexible enough to move with the body. Their high waist provides sufficient coverage for any movement.

Seamless Skin 2.0 Melange leggings from the “Simply Spring” edition are exactly the simple, perfectly fitting leggings that every woman wants to have in her wardrobe in at least 10 colors!

What is the difference between the leggings from the Skin 2.0 collection and the leggings from the “Simply Spring” edition?

The main difference is in the treatment of the fabric, which in the classic Skin 2.0 collection is in a solid color, while in the “Simply Spring” edition there is a fabric with a melange effect. The fabric feels very pleasant to the touch, elastic and strong at the same time. Compared to the leggings from the Skin 2.0 collection, the new birthday edition of the leggings has a popular high waist that fully covers the tummy and hips.

What does “melange color or melange fabric” mean?

The melange fabric is made of two yarns, simply put, of two colors. One lighter and one darker, which are intertwined in such a way that they create an interesting pattern resembling marble. Melange yarn is pleasant, beautiful, visually interesting, and therefore we thought it would be ideal to use it within this limited collection and distinguish it from the classic Skin 2.0 material.

How do the sizes fit the “Simply Spring” collections?

All sizes fit the usual standard sizes, but at TIMME we also provide size charts for each product, and you can always find the size, height and weight of the model in the main photo in the product description.

What to do if you have measurements between two sizes?

The leggings are made of a very pleasant elastic material that is maximally adaptable. If your measurements are between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the size according to whether you prefer the leggings to hug you more or, on the contrary, to be looser.

Are leggings also suitable for casual wear, for example with a sweatshirt?

Yes! The material of the leggings is extremely comfortable, at the same time, thanks to the special “push-up” weaving on the bottom, they shape your figure beautifully! Put on any of the leggings from the “Simply Spring” edition, throw on a t-shirt, crop top or sweatshirt, sneakers and you can go not only to the gym, to yoga or hiking, but also to the city! ☺

Leggings are a unique piece designed by our designers in the Czech Republic. The production of materials and the actual sewing takes place in professionally adapted clean and ethical conditions in Europe. We emphasize high quality materials, sophisticated sewing and technologically innovative execution of individual effects.

How to wash and maintain leggings?

Unless the clothes are extremely dirty, there is no need to wash them at high temperatures. Washing at a temperature of 30° consumes 38% less energy than when washing at a temperature of 40°. By washing sparingly, you save not only your finances, but also energy and the planet. In addition, your clothes will last longer, because higher temperatures destroy textiles.