How to choose the right sportswear?

How to choose the right sportswear?

Running, cycling, yoga or strengthening in fitness? Outdoor or indoor sports? Whichever type you prefer, it should bring you joy and you definitely want to feel comfortable with it. You might think that sports and fashion are two different fields, one emphasizing performance and the other emphasizing elegance, but these two worlds have long been intertwined.

It's not just about looking great while training, the main reason is that you feel confident during exercise when you give your best. During sports performances, you step out of your comfort zone, and the right choice of clothing will provide you with the necessary support and comfort in achieving your goals. Do you know what you should prefer when buying it? We will try to give a short summary.


Any sporting activity cannot do without falls, bumps and other minor injuries. All these accompanying phenomena are then also signed on your clothes. Cheap pieces don't last long, so you're forced to buy another pair of shorts, leggings, T-shirt or sweatshirt.
High-quality sportswear stands out for its long service life. It is durable and also represents a kind of protection against scratches, abrasions and wounds. In the end, you will pay much less for a quality piece than for cheap things that you have to keep changing. Such a mindset is also appropriate from the point of view of sustainability.


Appropriate material is one of the basic aspects when choosing sportswear. Materials such as polyester, nylon, spandex or elastane have excellent breathability and thus prevent sweat from remaining on the skin, which you will consider a big plus during dynamic exercise.

Many people reach for 100% cotton clothing because it is comfortable, easy to wear and washes, but it is not a very suitable material for exercise. Playing sports naturally leads to excessive sweating, and you will feel temporary discomfort as a result. Although cotton absorbs sweat, it cannot transfer moisture to the surface. The fabric thus remains wet, sticks to the body, is heavy and thermoregulation is limited.

Thermoregulation is the ability to maintain a constant body temperature within a certain range. During exercise, your body temperature rises, the thermoregulatory system starts to work, starts evaporation to take the accumulated heat and sweat out of the body and thus return the body temperature back to normal. In order for the heat to be transferred from the body to the outside and the sweat to evaporate, it must not be restricted by clothing. Sweat that remains on the skin prevents the regulation of body temperature. If you are going to do a sporting activity where you sweat profusely, you need clothing made from a fabric that can wick moisture away from the skin and allow the sweat to evaporate. Therefore, the combination of cotton with polyester, nylon, latex, bamboo, wool or spandex is not a bad choice. 100% cotton is not suitable for dynamic sports activities, but it does not have to interfere with e.g. during yoga, where you don't sweat as much.


Someone prefers looser clothing, someone more fitted, so that they can monitor the work of their muscles during exercise. Choose clothes so that you feel comfortable in them. However, there are several recommendations, e.g. too long and loose sports pants are not very suitable for jogging or cycling. You should definitely not go hiking in shorts. You will feel Pilates or yoga more in clothes that will follow the curves of your body.

Don't underestimate choosing the right size either. If you're shopping online, choose brands that have a size chart on their website so you can choose the right size based on your measurements. If you still can't choose between two sizes, try contacting customer support or order both sizes and return the one that fits you better. In TIMMA, you have 14 days to exchange or return goods, which allows you to order several pieces in different designs or sizes and make a decision only after trying them on.


You may wear a dress or shoes to prom that are uncomfortable and impractical because you are willing to endure the discomfort and believe it will be worth it. However, when playing sports, it is necessary to choose the right sports clothes that will provide you with comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Loose and oversized clothing can hinder you during exercises, while tight clothing can prevent you from moving and restrict blood circulation. To achieve comfort, the cut and material of the clothing must work together.


We often buy various nutritional supplements that are supposed to strengthen bones and joints, stimulate the cardiovascular system, and regenerate muscles. You can also prevent injuries by choosing the right sports clothes.
Specifically, compression clothing ensures that your blood circulation remains normal. It exerts a slight pressure on the veins, which facilitates the flow of blood and keeps your heart in pace. The heart then pumps more oxygen to the muscles, which is critical for maintaining energy levels and reducing fatigue. The energy from your muscles is converted into higher performance and faster regeneration.
High-quality compression sportswear helps prevent injuries and muscle inflammation. It increases blood flow in the veins as well as oxygen flow, making you feel less tired and perform better.

Is there a difference between choosing sportswear for indoor and outdoor activities?

Depending on the sports activity we perform, we need our clothing to meet certain criteria and be suitable for the required performance.
For running, choose material that offers compression and is quick-drying. Choosing a suitable sports bra that will give you the support you need while running is key.
In yoga, you want to feel as comfortable as possible, so choose a softer, more elastic material that will allow you the maximum range of motion.
For exercise in the gym, it is advisable to reach for functional breathable materials with light to medium compression.
The high waist of the leggings will provide you with the necessary comfort and support the center of your body, thanks to which you can easily take off your T-shirt or sweatshirt after warming up your muscles and finish your workout in a sports bra or crop T-shirt.


Clothing for outdoor exercise should be adapted to the season and weather conditions. During the warm summer months, be sure to choose fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and wick away sweat. If it's windy or rain is forecast, take a durable top layer with you that won't get wet and will protect you from changing weather. If it's cold outside, you will naturally be drawn to warmer fabrics. However, keep in mind that exercising will speed up your heart rate and increase your body temperature, so layer your clothes.
As we already mentioned, cotton is pleasant and has no problem adapting to you, but when you sweat, you stay wet until you take off your clothes. And that's not a pleasant thing at any time of the year.
That is why sportswear is made of elastane, polyamide and polyester. They are high-quality materials that wick away sweat, adapt to your figure and give you maximum freedom of movement.

If you're looking for new sportswear, beware of reckless shopping. Sportswear should be stylish, but focus mainly on functionality. Choose the right size and cut. Reach for pieces that are made of high-quality materials and ensure breathability and durability. Have a few flexible pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear for any exercise and don't forget that investing in quality sportswear will pay you back many times over.
Whatever kind of sport you prefer, TIMME offers a wide selection of quality sportswear, from comfortable highly elastic breathable materials to compression pieces. TIMME represents exclusive small-series production focused on quality, functionality and timeless design. Whether you are looking for leggings with low, medium or high compression, medium or high waist or V-waist, we have a wide range of all types.

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