The best sportswear materials

The best sportswear materials

Exercise gets you in shape, stimulates endorphins and has a positive effect on the psyche. It is not enough to have only high-quality sports equipment or food supplements in which you are willing to invest hundreds of euros, but also high-quality sports clothing is equally important. If you have been doing sports for a long time, you have a preferred system in your exercise. You have already found out what you need and what you are comfortable with. Have you found your top pieces that fit you, are made of high-quality material, are breathable, durable and easy to maintain? If you are just starting out with sports, we have some useful advice for choosing materials for sports clothing. Avoid cluttering your wardrobe with lots of inappropriate clothes. For supporters of minimalism in sports fashion, the so-called capsule wardrobe, when you need three or four tops, two or three bottoms, two sports shoes and one sweatshirt or jacket.


Quality material is one of the basic aspects when choosing sportswear. Technical materials such as polyester, nylon, spandex or elastane adapt to your figure, have excellent breathability, dry quickly and have high elasticity during movement.


Technical materials provide high breathability, preventing sweat from remaining on the skin. You will appreciate quick-drying clothes especially during dynamic exercise. On the contrary, the popular cotton is disadvantageous in that it does not wick sweat away from the body, but this does not have to hinder e.g. during yoga, where you don't sweat as much.


Any sporting activity cannot do without falls, bumps and other minor injuries. All these accompanying phenomena are then also signed on your clothes. High-quality sportswear stands out for its long service life. It is durable and also represents a kind of protection against scratches, abrasions and wounds. In the end, you will pay much less for a quality piece than for cheap things that you have to keep changing. Such a mindset is also appropriate from the point of view of sustainability.


Up to 90% of the TIMME brand's offer consists of seamless clothing, which is knitted on a special machine into a single piece of fabric, which eliminates the waste material normally created during the production of clothing. In the context of the long-term production of clothing in general, it is a relatively specific and mainly revolutionary and innovative knitting technology on circular looms. It is a computer-controlled technology for producing one piece of clothing in one piece with minimal or no cutting. Compared to the conventional production of clothes, it drastically optimizes the amount of waste generated and significantly speeds up the production of the product in contrast to classic sewing on sewing machines. The absence of seams eliminates skin irritation, ensures a better fitting cut of the garment and provides an unlimited range of movement.


We often buy various nutritional supplements, the task of which is to strengthen bones and joints, stimulate the cardiovascular system, regenerate muscles, which has the task of acting preventively against overloads or even injuries. However, you can also prevent injuries by choosing the right sports clothes. Compression sportswear helps protect muscles from injuries and inflammation, increases blood flow in muscles and oxygen flow. Clothing made of compression material will ensure that your blood circulation remains normal, the material exerts a slight pressure on the veins, which facilitates blood flow and keeps your heart in pace. The heart then pumps more oxygen to the muscles, which helps increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. The energy from your muscles turns into higher performance, regenerates faster and you achieve the expected performance.


First of all, you have to feel good in whatever clothes you choose for your sports activities. It must not restrict your movement, nor should it push you anywhere. Ideally, you shouldn't feel it at all. If you choose the wrong clothes, you won't be able to concentrate enough during the exercise, which can distract from the training. In the worst case, you can injure yourself. Loose and oversized clothing can interfere with exercise, while tight clothing can prevent you from moving and restrict blood circulation. In order to achieve comfort, the cut and material of the clothing must work together.


Adapt your sportswear to a specific activity. Fitness clothes should make you feel strong and unstoppable. If you're trying on tops, do a few practice moves to find out how much compression the garment has and how much support you're comfortable with. Women in particular should have at least one high-support sports bra in their wardrobe. In order for leggings to fulfill their role well, they should fit your body like a second skin. For a subtle tummy slimming effect, go for leggings with a higher waist. They fit beautifully on the body (without the effect of a tight corset) and you will feel much more confident! In addition, the high waist contributes to the fact that the leggings stay in place better and do not slip during exercise.

Recommendations for individual types of products depending on the type of sport:

Choose breathable, elastic tops or sports bras with medium to high support. You can combine them with leggings or shorts. For example, such a sports overall will highlight your silhouette, is versatile and belongs to the trends of 2024.
Today, you can choose workout clothes from a wide range of colors and products, it just depends on what you feel best in. Try working out in a fitness center with layers of clothing, because the muscles should be warm during the warm-up, then when your body temperature rises, you can take off the tops.

The low intensity allows you to choose looser or tighter clothes, but it should not be anything that will limit your movement. Long cords and other "unnecessary" decorations will definitely get in your way. Choose sports sets made of softer, elastic materials that will ensure your comfort and allow maximum freedom of movement.

Compression clothing that can support endurance is definitely suitable for running. However, many people are comfortable with loose clothing for running. As we wrote above, it only depends on you what you feel best in, but don't forget the importance of the right material. Cotton is pleasant and has no problem adapting to you, but if you sweat, you will stay wet until you take off your clothes. And that is not pleasant. And that is the reason why sportswear is made from technical materials that are quick-drying, wick away sweat, allow the skin to breathe and give you maximum freedom of movement. You can put together a running outfit from bras with higher support, running shorts, leggings, T-shirts, long-sleeved tops. A windproof jacket should definitely not be missing in your wardrobe.

For dynamic exercise, just as for running, it is advisable to choose pieces made from materials that allow your skin to breathe, are quick-drying, light and highly elastic.
Choose leggings or tight shorts that allow full range of motion, sports bras with higher support, or more fitted tops.

The basis of every hiking lover's wardrobe should be a sweat-wicking base layer, shorts, leggings or insulated pants, a warm or functional sweatshirt and a waterproof jacket.

Depending on how long and how often you cycle, invest in pants that protect the groin area from chafing and discomfort, such as padded shorts or underwear. Choose cycling shorts, leggings, sports bras or weather-resistant tops and jackets.


If you are looking for new sports clothes, be sure to choose the right and appropriate materials from which they are made. In the spirit of the saying "measure twice, cut once", forget about mindless shopping and get advice from experts. Clothing for sports is often chosen only according to fashion trends. However, sportswear should be mainly functional. Have a few flexible pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear for any workout. Invest in quality and this investment will return to you many times over.
Take a look at the wide range of TIMME brand and try high-quality sportswear from the most popular Skin, Bombshell, Level Up or Vital collections, which are made of suitable materials and meet the criteria of versatility for various types of sports.