Jump to the character of your dreams using the jump rope! Tips for effective training.

Jump to the character of your dreams using the jump rope! Tips for effective training.

When you say jump rope, what’s the first thing you think of? The joy of movement while jumping? Who wouldn’t remember their childhood with this tool. Who among us didn’t have at least a retro one with wooden handles and some kind of clothesline? Well, let’s face it, we jumped on him more than once in the afternoon in front of the block or during the entire holidays at grandma’s in the village and together with the others we had fun times.

The jump rope is still in today. Although you have already gained some experience, after all, you are already about ten years older, the jump rope can still take you back to memories when jumping and at the same time help you to move. It even offers you new shared sports experiences during its recreational use, for example with your children, or as part of team building in the company during sports games. And that’s not the only reason to return to him. It can become a great helper when transforming into a dream figure. How? Are you wondering how a jump rope would help transform your figure?

At the outset, it is necessary to say that there are more techniques for jumping rope. Of course, even jump ropes are subject to fashion trends. The development itself brings modern designs and types of jump ropes.

Before exercising – jumping, you need to think about the fact that you should be warmed up, e.g. by stretching. Stretching is important before any physical activity, and thanks to it you also prevent injuries. Another reason for injury is monotonous jumping in only one way. It is important that the muscles and joints are stressed evenly, otherwise they will be overstretched. In the case of incorrect technique, joint and foot pain may occur. That should put you off.

That’s why it’s important to have varied training and know the right technique. You can jump on one leg, with one foot, forwards or backwards. However, the correct technique of jumping rope has certain rules:

  1. you consciously involve the muscles in the exercise
  2. you have a straight back
  3. you breathe deeply
  4. you push your stomach in slightly and do not bend your elbows
  5. you bounce off the front of your feet

If you don’t just want to jump and dream of a nice figure, we have some tips for you on how to jump with our TIMME high-speed jump rope to the figure of your dreams. We recommend trying all exercises for 30-60 seconds, depending on your current condition.


Keep your feet together the whole time while jumping. With each landing, touch the ground with your toes and keep your heels in the air.


Place one foot on the ground slightly forward in front of the other foot and maintain this position even while jumping. We recommend alternating legs after a certain time interval.


One leg will be lifted in a slight flexion when jumping. Be careful not to let the rope get caught on it. Jump over the jump rope on the other leg. We recommend alternating legs after a certain time interval.


When jumping over the rope, alternate your legs and always try to raise one leg with the knee as close to the chest as possible.


Jump slowly and with each jump cross your arms in front of you as if you want to hug yourself. Raise your knees high so that the jump rope does not catch on your legs.


During jumps, alternate one leg with the other. Simulate a fast run.

How about trying interval training? Interval training is great for quickly getting in shape, speeding up your metabolism and burning fat fast. In this case, you can divide jumping rope into intervals, you will alternate the dynamic phase – jumping at a high intensity with the rest phase – jumping at a light and free pace, that means you will exercise with variations. For example, you can start with 30 seconds of intense jumping, which you will alternate with jumping at an easy pace during the next 30 seconds. We recommend repeating at least 8 times in a row. Depending on your physical condition, gradually increase the length of the individual intervals.

When exercising with a jump rope, you can also go at a constant pace, watch the time here. You can also simply count the number of jumps. It’s up to you which way you choose.

The skipping rope is one of the most effective exercise tools. Jumping rope is a cardio sport that burns fat quickly and efficiently. Jumping rope has many benefits for the whole body, from strengthening all parts to ensuring proper body functions. If you jump over the rope regularly, you strengthen and shape not only the lower part of the body, but also the muscles of the arms and back. Thanks to the jump rope, you will improve your coordination, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and increase your fitness and physique.

It is a space- and time-saving sports activity that is worth including in the exercise plan. The skipping rope is also a great helper for warming up the body and preparing for the training itself. After strength training, it is a great cardio exercise to tone the muscles.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that it is important to think about the right technique, because only with it does the exercise have the expected effect. Skipping rope belongs in the hands of beginners, experienced as well as professional athletes. It is an excellent exercise tool. You can practice all the exercises listed by us anywhere. Feel free to include them with other exercises at home and with the help of this cheap and effective exercise tool, jump to the desired success, the figure of your dreams.