Do you also love extremely comfortable sportswear that adapts to your figure as much as possible and provides you with perfect comfort during all activities? If so, you should not miss our summer mini Bubble collection, in which you will find completely new leggings, shorts and a sports bra in three colors. Lovers of black outfits, as well as those who are not afraid to reach for bolder summer or neon colors, will find their own way.

The new Bubble mini collection brings with it a brand new extremely comfortable elastic material, very similar to last year's Ribbed collection. This time, however, we have replaced the tubular Ribbed pattern with a "bubble" one, which adds a twist to the latest Bubble mini collection, but at the same time still keeps it minimalisticly luxurious.

Enjoy the maximum feeling of comfort while achieving your sports goals. In the new set from the Bubble collection, you will overcome all challenges in your perfectly comfortable bubble. Oh my Bubble!