If there's one thing our head designers Natália and Tímea love, it's details! The creation of these two women behind the designs of the TIMME brand is built on details that together create a perfect harmony. The level of collections from the TIMME workshop is constantly moving forward. The proof of this is the new tracksuit collection of 2023 called Luxury, thanks to which we can also present you our most luxurious product range, Luxury In Each Detail.

The Luxury In Each Detail line is characterized by premium materials and its sophistication in both external and internal details.

We use exclusive technologies such as 3D embroidery and logos, branded laces and appliqués, endless logo ribbons and other modifications and technologies that make our products unique and luxurious pieces for the external finishing of products.

Our endeavor is that even the internal details, which are not visible to the naked eye, meet the criteria of the highest level of luxury products.

Written shape of the TIMME logo was created especially for the Luxury collection and will be used in the future for other collections that will be created in the Luxury In Each Detail line.

Fall in love with the refined details of the unique signature of the Luxury collection and let yourself be pampered by the feeling of luxury!